Zemřela Katie Skadoske [BabyFayce] ??

15. prosince 2010 v 14:11 |  BaBY FacE =Q*
Ahojky , zajímala by mě pravda o Katie. Zemřela nebo ne ?.. Na internetu jsem se dozvěděla od 1/2 , že je mrtvá a od druhý že žije. Víte pravdu ?:D .. Dík :)

"Internet "Famous" Site model, Kathryn Elizabeth Skadoske, recently left the internet on March 14, 2009. She was tired of all her fakes, and of all the drama. Honestly, she just wanted to relax for a while, without being bothered all the time. Months after Katie left all the drama, her fakes started getting a little weird, because they didn't have any new photos of her. Some fakes start photo-shopping pictures of Katie's face into Jenn Curbstomp, Kiki Kannibal, or other random peoples photos. Other fakes just left. But one person decided that they would tell people, Kathryn Skadoske died in a car crash in Hawaii. As the rumor spread, millions of Katie's fans have became devastated. A lot of fans crying and all the stuff. Yahoo questions has millions of people asking if Katie "babyfayce" is really dead. And so many people are making up lies. One girl said, "Yes, Katie Babyfayce" was killed in Oahu on Sunday March 14, 2010 

when she was thrown from an open top jeep in which she was a passenger." Katie was never in "Oahu" and she especially didn't die in 2010. This rumor was made way before that. Supposedly, she was now thrown out of a Jeep? Which is pretty pathetic.
"she did die her real name is Callindra Drogan..and it was on the hawaii news and everything." Her name is NOT, I repeat NOT " Callindra Drogan". I have no idea who made up that name, but it's utterly pathetic. She has videos of herself saying her name is "Katie Skadoske."
"no she isnt deadd.. only her mom died and she almost died but she is still aive today."  Now people are saying that Kathryn isn't dead, but her mom died? This is pretty sad.

The site you see to the left, is obviously fake. The girl in the photo, claimed to be "Katie Babyfayce" is not her. That is Kiki Kannibal, another internet "famous" "scene queen." (stickam.com/kikikannibal). Back to the subject, this "News Article" which is not real, it's just another one of those fake websites to get people to believe anything, has also changed the subject into a different way on how Katie "Died." (Not including, they spelled her name wrong..Shadoske?) Now, they are saying, she "died" in Honolulu? This is all false. All wrong. Nothing here is true. The next paragraph, states, "The Texas Native was known for making a fake account as Katie Skadoske a girl living in England." Or whatever. This is also pretty pathetic, and millions of people believe that THIS crap is true. Katie is not a "Texas Native." she is also not a "England Girl". (Apparently this "Article" was made from someone who new a fake of Katie, who happened to have a picture of Kiki..) The next paragraph is closely true, except it was 2009 when she left everything on the internet. She has her real accounts though, which are (myspace.com/th3babyfayce/stickam.com/katieb3hungry) Those are her only account, and she never uses them.  All of this that you see, all the 'articles' are lies. If this were real, there would be Youtube videos of Hawaii news, Fox News, etc. It would be everywhere. 

Brenna 'Boo' 

Brenna and Katie have been best friends since kindergarten. They hang out pretty much all the time :) Brenna barely goes on myspace anymore because of all the fakes, drama, and people saying Katie is dead. To show proof, this is one thing she said to us, for proof that Katie was not dead<3 Which will be posted under this :)

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1 DajounkaˇˇSB♥ DajounkaˇˇSB♥ | Web | 15. prosince 2010 v 19:45 | Reagovat

ona ja strašně krásná holka beztak jsou to kecy že je mrtva :-/

2 Fabby :P Fabby :P | Web | 15. prosince 2010 v 19:48 | Reagovat

Tak jestli nakej chytrolín nepsal , jakože zemřela jenom její scene postava .. .. to tak občas lidi jako delej .. no nevim :D!

3 DajounkaˇˇSB♥ DajounkaˇˇSB♥ | Web | 15. prosince 2010 v 20:00 | Reagovat

chodila sem s takou ale ten je po operaci pátere:-( takze se budu muset nejak domluvit s kamosemi a ty chodis lyzovat :-)?

4 Kyuirra Kyuirra | E-mail | Web | 26. prosince 2010 v 7:40 | Reagovat



You people bother me!
Ask to use it before you take it!!

5 Ladůůů-Scene Ladůůů-Scene | 19. srpna 2011 v 11:31 | Reagovat

ona ale vážně umřela...byla jsem v usa a dávali to ve zprávách tu dobu :'(((

6 BeckyLouBeatdown BeckyLouBeatdown | Web | 11. února 2012 v 12:09 | Reagovat

ANO zemřela,Je to hrozný, měla sem ju ráda, když jsem se scene začínala byla muj největší vzor...:((

7 LOISNieves LOISNieves | E-mail | Web | 10. března 2012 v 8:57 | Reagovat

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8 iloveyou iloveyou | E-mail | 15. května 2012 v 22:46 | Reagovat

i dnt know who this girl is but i keep seeing her face and you ppl are saying she is dead i want to know if she is really dead thats all and if she is just let her rest in peace look you ppl are goin to get enough of amusing just say in your place and i could be wrong she could be dead but im just gettin sick of ppl amusing other ppl are dead gave me a break !

9 cheap cheap | E-mail | Web | 22. května 2014 v 3:26 | Reagovat


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