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>> hanna beth <<

the petite one that thinks way too much

taken from buzznet and model mayhem.
Name: Hanna Beth
From: Hollywood, CA, United States
Home: New York City 
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Zodiac: Virgo

Orientation: Straight 
Religion: Christian - Other 
Drink: Yes 
Smoke: No 
Children: Someday 
Occupation: Model, Clothing Designer 
Height: 5' 2" 
Weight: 95 lbs 
Measurements: 27-24-29 
Hair color: Brown 
Hair length: Medium 
Eye color: Hazel 
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Skin color: Olive 
Experience: Experienced 
Compensation: Any 

about hanna

Was born in New York, but now I live in Hollywood. 
It took a while to get to where she is now.
Life revolves around music and fashion. 
Trys to avoid drama as much as possible. 
People who talk shit are just insecure with themselves. 
she'll treat you with the same respect you treat her. 
Never judges a book by it's cover. 
Could live off sushi. 
Tends to think way too much. 
Wants to travel all over the world. 

overcast weather.
always tired, but never sleeps.
drives a black jetta.
always dancing. 
always cold.
sushi addict. 
loves to travel.


the beatles, top petty, iggy pop, playradioplay, marilyn manson, t.rex, kaito, blondie, ima robot, the strokes, interpol, imogen heap, televison, ima robot, portugal the man, weezer, sex pistols, lou reed, the clash, the cure, radiohead, coldplay, blood brothers, the cars, ramones, dead boys, cher, velvet underground, buzzcocks, the slits, nico, the shins, ratatat.


enternal sunshine, yellow submarine, gia, rocky horror picture show, hairspray, the royal tenenbaums, elizabeth town, sid and nancy, hard candy, hedwig and the angry inch, beetle juice, crybaby, rushmore, slc punk, ghost world, v for vendetta, edward scissor hands, the shining, detroit rock city, 200 cigs, gummo, party monster, alice in wonderland, stay, hair spray, girl interrupted, empire records, almost famous, spun, winter passing, virgin suicides, garden state, clockwork orange. The following information has been gathered by Brooke at be-scene, so please dont take for your own website.

featured in

     - Alternative press
     - Attitude Clothing Co 
     - Cho2 magazine 
     - Difuse magazine
     - The Dose
     - Flyerz 
     - Fender Magazine 
     - Kerrang Magazine 
     - Fashion Central Magazine 
     - Fashion Journal 
     - Glamour Paris Magazine 
     - Global License 
     - H A J
     - Imago Magazine 
     - Instinct Magazine
     - Junk Magazine
     - Marie Antoinette Book
     - Passional 
     - Punk Rock confidential 
     - Savage magazine 
     - Strutter magazine 
     - Synthesis 
     - Teen Magazine
     - Vice magazine 
     - Warped tour program 
     - West coast chopper dogs 
     - West coast choper calander

photographed by

     - Aerobics Funk 
     - Asia Pursaisa
     - Amanda Brooks 
     - Brad Walsh 
     - Cherie Roberts 
     - Dirk Mai
     - Down Town Kevin 
     - Eric Joseph 
     - Fingers Crossed 
     - The Gamer Girls 
     - J. Baxter 
     - James Watts 
     - Jared Mil Grim 
     - Jeremiah 
     - Jerry Bennett 
     - John Kingston 
     - John Mayhem
     - Jonathon Sorber
     - Josh Bender 
     - Kencredible 
     - Klariza G 
     - Last nights Party 
     - Lotus Josephine
     - MichelleXStar 
     - Monique Antoinette 
     - Open Eyez Photography
     - Richie Rich
     - Robert Nelson
     - Rony's Photobooth 
     - Sayer 
     - Shutterclick Photography 
     - Svedka 
     - Talulamae
     - Team Rockstar
     - William Galindo 

worked for

     - 410BC 
     - Alumni Clothing
     - Bleeding Star Clothing 
     - Corky Mansfield 
     - Drop Dead Clothing
     - Eleven Twenty 
     - Evey Clothing 
     - Franny 
     - Hooligun Clothing
     - Jessica Louise 
     - Lipstick Prohpets 
     - New York Couture 
     - Phunko Clothing 
     - Skelanimals 
     - Stone Clothing 
     - Tarina Tarantino

modelled for

     - Evey Clothing
     - New York Couture




Model Mayhem: # 32798

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